Economic Development

The Houston Alumnae Chapter’s (HAC) Financial Empowerment committee launched the Billion Dollar Challenge with chapter members in June of 2018. With 12 members enlisting, the “HAC Deltas” as they are known, begin to knock out their personal debts. The members participating in the program listed their debt pay down goals and tracked their progress after they make their regular payments. Over the course of 6 months, the HAC Deltas exceeded the debt reduction goal of $300,000 by knocking out an additional $352,100 in debt for a total of $652,100!! Houston Alumnae Sorors, who were already participating in a Chapter Savings Challenge utilized the dfree application to track their savings which totals over $16,000 since it was introduced in May 2018. Over the 2018 year, the Financial Empowerment committee organized workshops around retirement and budgeting to educate sorors regarding their finances. The biggest highlight has been the participation in the Billion Dollar Challenge and its impact. Through their success with the BDC, we hope to re-launch this program in June to the community with a goal of $300,000.