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Breakout Sessions

2021 is the perfect year to “Educate”, “Empower”, and take charge of your finances.  It’s time to BUILD “Wealth”.  Our interactive breakout sessions are designed to reverse course and “SPRING into ACTION”!  It’s time to “Achieve Financial Freedom”

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   Get Educated
  Forgive Us Our Debt

   Facilitator:   Marcus Hill with Houston Financial Empowerment Center

We can’t “SPRING into ACTION” if we are saddled with debt.  Marcus will “EDUCATE” participants on Debt Management and Credit Counseling in order to Achieve Financial Freedom”.  Join this interactive breakout session to learn:

            1. – The impact of debt on your financial wellness
            2. – Financial decisions that influence your credit score
            3. – Pros and cons of using credit
            4. – Tools to reduce and manage your overall debt

                          Gain Wealth
                           Show Me the Money,

                                       Facilitator:   Janeen Johnson with Chase Bank

Who wants to GAIN WEALTH???  Ms. Johnson will focus on saving strategies to BUILD WEALTH and “Achieve Financial Freedom”.  Join this interactive breakout session to learn:

    1. – Proven saving strategies to reach your short term, mid-term, and long-term goals.
    2. – Tips to manage your monthly expenses.
    3. – The benefits of creating and maintaining an emergency savings rainy-day fund.
    4. – Three keys to wealth accumulation: Time, Consistency, and Commitment.

   Be Empowered
    I’m Banking on Me

           Facilitator:   Andréa Shiloh with East Harris County Empowerment Council

Are you ready to BE EMPOWERED?  Ms. Shiloh will focus on utilizing the banking industry as a resource to “Achieve Financial Freedom” Join this interactive breakout session to learn:

              • – About all financial instruments at your neighborhood bank.
              • – How banks can EMPOWER a household, business, and community.
              • – Strategies to create financial freedom by building wealth through investments.
              • – Ways to build capital to start your own business or non-profit.

Guest Speaker

Cheryl Creuzot, CFP®, J.D., LL.M., MBA

President Emeritus of Wealth Development Strategies,

Commissioner at the Port of Houston

Author of “Real Lives. Real Money. The Road Back to Prosperity”



Cheryl D. Creuzot, a 36-year industry veteran, is currently a Commissioner at the Port of Houston and President Emeritus of Wealth Development Strategies, LLC. Wealth Development Strategies, one of Houston’s oldest comprehensive financial planning firms, offers contemporary, personalized solutions for individuals and business professionals who wish to protect, grow and efficiently distribute their wealth. The boutique firm consists of 30 plus associates who combine extensive financial experience and expertise to affect personalized client solutions.

Ms. Creuzot carries the same spirit of service delivery to her numerous civic and charitable endeavors. She is currently a Director of The Greater Houston Partnership. She was also recently appointed as Chair to The University of Houston Board of Visitors, and serves as Vice Chair of the University of Houston Foundation (Investment Committee). Ms. Creuzot serves on the Board of Visitors of the MD Anderson Cancer Center (Government Relations Committee), as well as the board of the Frenchy’s Companies, a 45-year-old family-owned restaurant and food processing organization. Ms. Creuzot is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and a member of the Tri-City Chapter of Women Corporate Directors.

A published author of Real Lives Real Money. Ms. Creuzot is a resource for print and on-line media and has been quoted in MONEY, Mutual Funds, Black Enterprise, and Essence magazines. She previously co-hosted the local talk show radio KPRC’s Organizing Your Life, and hosted on the local 102.5 FM radio show called Let’s Talk Money.

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Panel Discussion

“C.R.E.A.M. Cash/Credit Rules Everything Around ME"

Grab your coffee, pen, and paper.  It’s time to interact directly with our financial experts in a frank discussion about the rules for using cash and credit on your road towards “Achieving Financial Freedom”.  No questions are off limit.  Here is your chance to get the answers you need to “SPRING into ACTION”