The mission of EMBODI is to promote a collaborative effort to improve the quality of life for African American males (ages 13 – 17) for building opportunities for developing independence as it relates to the 5-Point Program of Delta Sigma Theta:
•Physical & Mental Health
•Educational Development
•Economic Development
•International Awareness & Involvement
•Political Awareness & Involvement

EMBODI typically meets once a month, September through June, on the fourth Saturday at 12:00PM (dates and times may vary due to other scheduled events or holidays) at One Delta Plaza (3333 Old Spanish Trail, Houston TX 77021).

EMBODI is seeking young males ages 13 – 17, to participate in activities and service projects to build on the 5-Point Programmatic Thrust of Delta Sigma Theta.  Our mission is our name sake, Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence.


Gwendolyn Solomon, Co-Chair
Denesha Williams, Co-Chair

Contact via email at: