FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT Co-Chairs: Karen Dourseau and Carla Williams

The Financial Empowerment Committee provides programming in support of the sorority’s Economic Development arm of programmatic thrust.  Programs are designed to educate the chapter members and the community on ways to be more fiscally responsible and economically stable.  Programs are targeted at all age groups.

This goal is accomplished through the implementation of activities that promote saving, debt elimination and knowledge of each individual’s financial health.  During this administration we launched the following programs: HAC Savings Challenge and Billion Dollar Debt Reduction.  The HAC Savings Challenge is a program that encouraged chapter members to save a minimum amount a week based on the number of Saturdays in a month.  The resulting saved amount would be available for the member to withdraw in the spring.  The Billion Dollar Debt Reduction program was launched by the National PP&D Committee and challenges chapters to set a target amount of debt to be eliminated in a year.  Each month participating members log the debt they paid towards the chapter’s goal.

In addition to these programs, the committee sponsored a booth at the World Health Fair which was open to the community.  During this event, we provided information and resources to help guests determine their financial health.  Workshops have been conducted or are scheduled to cover the following topics:

  • Budgeting
  • Retirement Planning for Women
  • Wills, Medical Power of Attorney, and Social Security
  • Financial New Year’s Resolution
  • Tips on saving, paying off debts, investing in the future, and provide reading material to support these activities