Houston Alumnae Chapter has a rich history of conducting programs in accordance with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority’s national initiatives as demonstrated by the many awards and recognitions received.  Additionally, for over 85 years, the chapter has implemented quality community service programs within the greater Houston area.  With over thirty-five program committees, existing members are urged to offer their skills and expertise to at least one committee.  Visiting Sorors are invited to join an energetic chapter that is excited about conducting the programs of Delta as outlined in the sorority’s following five-point thrust.

International Awareness & Involvement

  • International Women’s Day

Houston Alumnae Standing Committees

Economic Development

  • Financial Empowerment
    To Stimulate the chapter in the area of economics and financial planning.
  • Scholarships & Awards
    To develop and administer the scholarship program for the chapter.

Educational Development

  • Arts & Letters
    To stimulate interest & educate the chapter in the area of arts & letters
  • Collegiate Transition Taskforce
    The Collegiate Transition Taskforce (CTT) was established to help increase the transitioning rate of collegiate members to alumnae chapters by guiding and serving as a tool for collegiate members to connect with an alumnae chapter before they graduate. The purpose of CTT is to help guide and foster a sisterly relationship between collegiate and alumnae chapters.

Youth Initiatives

  • Delta Academy
    To work with young girls between the ages of 11-14 to encourage academic successes, the development of self-esteem and enrich and enhance these young girls interest especially in the areas of math, science and technology.
  • Delta Gems
    To provide tools that enable girls over 14 years of age to sharpen and enhance their skills to achieve high levels of academic success.
    To promote collaborative effort to improve the quality of life for African American males (ages 13-17) for building opportunities of developing independence.
  • Youth Initiative Risk Management Packet
    Click here for instructions to sign up a student for one of the Youth Initiatives at HAC.  You can also find the application to become a volunteer.

International Awareness Involvement

  • IMPACT Day
    To follow the sorority’s charge for the one national service project that all chapters complete on the same day of the year.

Physical & Mental Health

  • HAC Wellness Initiative
    To plan seminars and present programs to combat physical & mental health problems in the African-American community.

Political Awareness

  • Social Action
    To stimulate social action and educate the chapter on current issues.

Other Standing Committees

  • Courtesy
    To extend courtesies to sorors and their families.
  • Finance
    To recommend to the Executive Board the general financial policy of the local chapter.
  • Heritage and Archives
    To ensure upkeep and arrangement for the chapter facility Archives room.
  • Executive Committee
  • Internal Audit
  • Investments
  • Local Projects
    To determine and fulfill the service projects for the Houston community.
  • Membership Services
    To design programs to reclaim inactive Sorors and provide fellowship activities for the chapter.
  • Program Planning & Development
    To coordinate the National Program Planning & Development initiatives.
  • Protocol Traditions
    To ensure that prescribed social usages, etiquette and acts of courtesy are observed by the members of the Chapter.
  • Publicity & Public Relations
    To inform the community of chapter involvement via publicity and news media and send written information to National Headquarters for publication.
  • Quack
    To publish and distribute the chapter newsletter – “The Quack”.
  • Riutal & Ceremonies
    To provide support to chapter to preserve the basic tenets of inherent Rituals and Ceremonies.
  • Rules of Order/ Policies & Procedures
    To evaluate and recommend changes to the chapter’s policies and procedures.
  • Technology & Information
    To maintain the chapter website and handle any issues / mandates in the area of technology for the chapter.
  • Telephone
    To notify chapter members in time of emergency.

Houston Alumnae Special Committees

  • Conference/Convention Planning
    To coordinate planned conference & convention activities.
  • Delta DaytimersTo keep retired sorors in active communication with the Chapter.
  • Emergency Response TeamTo assist Sorors in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.
  • Former Presidents Advisory Council
    To serve as council for the sitting President.
  • Founder’s Day
    To plan a celebration for Sorors to rededicate themselves to the ideals and purposes of the sorority.
  • May Week
    To plan activities to occur during the month of May that emphasizes scholastic achievements, educational opportunities, and encourages higher scholarship.
  • Musician
    To provide music for chapter meetings and chapter events.
  • Nominating Committee
    Elected Committee
  • Pan-Hellenic Council Representative
    To represent the chapter at the Pan-Hellenic Council meetings.
  • Sisters’ Keepers
    To maintain connectivity with those Sorors who are confined at home and / or no longer able to attend regular meetings and activities.
  • Social Events
    To coordinate all the social activities and special recognitions of the chapter.
  • Special Events
    To coordinate the fundraising activities of the chapter.